3 Mistakes of the Idealistic Introvert

Marios Nydras

1/9/2022 1 min read

1. Misplaced and selfless overcommitment.

When you personally believe in something, you overcommit and selflessly serve people who don’t appreciate your efforts, often putting your own life on hold. Not everyone lives according to your standards, hence your loyalty and reliability is commendable when you’re into something but ultimately prone to be taken advantage of and that’s something you have to be conscious of.

2. Overvaluing people to levels that are not realistic.

Your intense feelings create a tendency to idealize people you like in an unrealistic and unsustainable manner that inevitably backfires. The degree of this might be more prevalent the younger and more naive you are while getting progressively less prevalent depending on your experiences with people as you get older.

3. You're manufacturing self-imposed crises.

You suffer from a chronic dissatisfaction with life in a constant search for something better that you can’t even define. Self-actualizing is part of human growth, however at the same time this deep introspection related to your need to be more traps you in a net of restless existential dread at times.