3 Introvert Strengths

Marios Nydras

1/7/2022 1 min read

1. A greater sense of self-awareness.

Due to your extensive introspection and time spent alone in your inner world, you have cultivated the mental resilience to have a conversation with yourself and ask hard questions about matters that others distract themselves from. As a result you can take care of yourself on your own while knowing what you want/like in life.

2. Being able to see below the surface fast.

You have the capacity to get to the innermost thoughts and feelings of people you choose to genuinely interact with so quickly that it can scare them off. It's often that you just sneak past the mental walls people may put up and as a result bring parts of their soul to light no matter how they tried to conceal them or how early it may be in the interaction which can be too much for them to bear.

3. Moral flexibility.

You are likely to entertain socially unacceptable thoughts and ideas without trying to silence them based on some moral compass. A strong dislike towards social norms coated with a sense of not belonging in this world can manifest into moral flexibility on matters that may be considered controversial.