Cruelty-Free Beauty and Skin Care

My Most Unprofessional Correspondence with Maxlash (a.k.a how NOT to do customer service)

I have been on the hunt for a new eyelash growth/enhancement serum, and as such I’ve been Emailing some companies inquiring that they clarify their stance on being (or not being) cruelty-free. As would be expected, many of these companies responded promptly and politely, regardless of how much detail they provided regarding my specific questions.

And then, there was MaxLash.

I believe the following correspondence speaks for itself in whether or not this company is trustworthy in their claim that they do not test on animals. Everything following is verbatim, taking directly from the Email correspondence that took place this morning.

Me: Hi there, I was wondering if you could provide a little more insight into your testing policies for your products by answering a few questions.

1) Are final products tested on animals?

2) Are the ingredients in final products tested on animals?

3) Does a third party test on animals on your company’s behalf?

4) Do you sell your products in mainland China?

5) Do you conduct animal testing where required by law?

Thank you for the clarification!


MaxLash: Hi,

Who are you? Do a presentation first.


Me: Well, I was a potential customer looking for a good cruelty-free eyelash serum. But this is by far the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever received, so I think I’ll pass, after all.


What questions is it you have asked!!??

We have sold over one million of this product but never received such strange e-mail!

Hope you find a better product on market!


Me: So you’ve never been asked if your products are cruelty-free? Of every other company I have contacted with those questions, all have acted very professionally and simply answered the questions. I am very particular about whether what I buy has been tested on animals in any way, which is why I asked for specifics. Either way, this is absolutely appalling customer service, I’ve never dealt with such an unprofessional correspondence. I’ll be going public with these Emails on my social media.

I do realize that whomever is in charge of MaxLash’s customer service, English is clearly not their first language. However, they seem to have a good enough grasp on it to make it clear they have no intention to answer my questions, which makes me wonder the legitimacy of their cruelty-free status. So unless (or until) they answer those question–and not gonna lie, I highly doubt that they will–this brand is 100% on my not-to-be-trusted list. 
If you’re looking for an effective eyelash serum, Hydropeptide offers a safe and effective lash conditioner, and currently hold cruelty-free status (will update if this changes), and many other companies have assured me of their cruelty-free status, as well, so drop me a line if you’d like more suggestions!
Take care, and stay classy, everyone.

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