I’m Writing a Thing! (Novel WIP+awkward video)

I don’t often put my fiction up for others to see, but through the encouragement of some friends, I’m going to give it a shot!

I’ve been an aspiring novelist for about as long as I can remember (or as early as 10 years old, at least), but I’ve always been very selective on who I’ve shared any of my work with, primarily due to my anxiety. Well, I’m taking a leap, and withdrawing all previous barriers and putting something out for the world to see. Is this nerve-wracking? Absolutely. Am I afraid of what people will think? Of course!

But that’s exactly why I’m doing it. Because I want other people to see it, and I want it to be the best that it can be. And if it can be fully brought to life through crowd-funding–then awesome! It would honestly be a dream come true.

Light Scatters is a fantasy saturated with magic and intrigue, through which themes of self-acceptance and forgiveness, self-discovery, identity, and finding true potential through partnership and camaraderie, however uncomfortable. Lilica, who embodies darkness, is at odds with her magic and would rather hide, alone, from the world than pave the way for more regret; Sybelle struggles with an overarching sense of failure, stemming from not living up to familial expectations, and thereby overcompensating with an unyielding attitude and an exaggerated façade of confident authority. The two have no reason to get along, let alone work together, but when the threat facing Sybelle’s kingdom proves greater and more ominous than they thought, Lilica finds herself inevitably entangled in a battle that concerned her all along. Sybelle cannot fight it alone, and Lilica fears the repercussions of turning away.

The question is, will they choose to fight for one another, or as an opportunity to fulfill their own, desperate needs for self-actualization?

If you enjoy magic, conflict, and characters for whom you can’t help but simultaneously love and hate, then this is a story for you!

That said, if you’re so inclined, check out the first few chapters of Light Scatters here! (As a bonus, you even get to see how awkward I am in front of a camera, as I hopelessly attempt to explain my motivation behind the story).

If it’s a project that you find is worth your time and money to back, you FOREVER have my love~




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