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Long-lasting Foundation Hack for Oily Skin that WORKS? (a.k.a ice + patience + less-is-more)

A day doesn’t go by when I am not bombarded by ‘flawless foundation hacks’. They’re all over Youtube and Facebook, and inspire SO much hope that we make-up lovers can’t help but give it our best go. Unfortunately, some of us (ergo, those of us with less-than-ideal skin) are left wondering just what went wrong, and why something that is supposed to be so ‘flawless’ leaves us looking as though we applied our foundation in the dark, with a paint brush, and without a mirror.

Disappointed with the results of a recent ‘flawless’ hack, and with the summer months fast approaching, I’ve had my eyes and ears open for alternate advice. Since everyone has their two-cents worth, and their own alleged fail-proof method of augmenting the longevity of their face coverage, it really seems to be a matter of what specific hacks work with your skin’s individual needs. That said, I decided to take what I’ve learned and apply only the parts that I truly feel will make a difference, given my skin type, and all that pertains to it.

So once again, for full transparency, here is the step-by-step ‘hybrid’ type method in the everlasting quest for long-lasting (non-flaky) foundation:

So here’s how it went down…

It began with an ice cube on my face. Yes, before applying anything at all, I took an ice cube and glided it over my skin to close my pores. I’ve noted other bloggers that have pointed out that this helps not only to close your pores, but helps with oil control during application. Some people have been eager to discover the effectiveness of one Korean beauty hack, which entails applying your foundation, coating your face with baby powder, and then submerging your face in ice water for 15 to 20 seconds. Supposedly it benefits the longevity of your foundation, and discourages oiliness, though while some have found success with it, but I am aiming for something a bit more practical (and preferably less agonizing).

IMG_20170430_163852When my face was dry, I applied my primer. My birthday recently passed, and a very thoughtful friend of mine who has been reading some of these blog posts picked up this Milani Prime Shield Face Primer for me to try. She works at a drug store and says the girls in cosmetics department have had a lot of success with this product. I’ve only used it this once, but I must say, it felt very silky on my skin, and did a great job minimizing my pores!


I then applied my Cover FX foundation and some concealer with a damp beauty blender. I’ve 2always used it dry, and whether or not you dampen your beauty blender seems to be predominantly about preference, so I changed things up to see if it would make a difference. If anything, I found that my foundation coverage wasn’t quite as full as usual, but it did turn out looking very natural and light.





I gave my foundation time to set on its own and waited about 10 minutes before I used my E.L.F Cosmetics Make-up Mist & Set setting spray. I’ve found that on its own, setting spray does little to keep my foundation looking matte, but drawing on yet another beauty hack, after letting it dry, I then went in with my setting powder on top of it.


When the setting spray had dried, I then dabbed my Kat von D Lock-It Settingpow Powder over my face with the included pad. Not wanting my face to look cakey, I used a bare minimum of setting powder; basically just enough to buff out shine. If I’ve learned anything from the baking technique, it’s that too much powder is definitely NOT your friend when you have oily skin (at least, not when it comes to my oily skin).




When my foundation was set, I went ahead and did a little hilighting and contouring with my Kat von D Shade and Light Contour Kit. Not because I thought it would contribute anything to the overall cause, but because I figured I should go all out to get a good, honest look at how I’d look at the end of the day with all the bells and whistles.


Finally, I finished off with a little bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks, just to give the illusion that I actually have some colour to my skin.





I have to say, I was quite pleased with how natural it looked when all was said and done. My skin was matte, but didn’t look dehydrated, cakey, or flaky. The last test was time itself!

Left: Right after application.

Right: 8 hours later (the yellow near my eye is something weird my camera did!)

The Verdict- 8 hours later

I have to say, after eight hours of wear, I didn’t look too shabby! And this is even after lying cheek-first to a pillow during a 3-hour long nap (I’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue lately…), and blowing my nose because of seasonal allergies. For the most part, my make-up seemed to stay put, without much movement or rubbing off. My face did have the tiniest bit of shine on my forehead, but it wasn’t terribly noticeable; I actually had to look very hard to determine it was there.

Pros of this method:

  • Foundation withstood an 8 hour day without looking much different at the end!
  • Maintained a relatively matte look
  • Did not get cakey or flaky at any point in time

Cons of this method:

  • Probably not as achievable if you want a high-coverage foundation look
  • Took a little longer due to waiting in-between a few steps


It’s difficult to know just what about this method worked for me; whether it was the ice, the new primer, or letting the foundation set, or the amalgamation of everything working in perfect harmony. And, for full disclosure, I didn’t exactly do a lot of running around today, so I’d be interested to see how this holds up during a more active day. Nonetheless, I’m happy with how this turned out!


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