Cruelty-Free Beauty and Skin Care

The BEST Cruelty-Free Lipstick (a.k.a everything you want in a lip colour)

In 2016, I made the decision to live as cruelty-free as possible, especially when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. I decided that I did not want to flaunt my vanity at the expense of animals, which meant a HUGE transformation in my make-up and skin care regimes. This took months, and to be honest, there are still some things for which I haven’t yet found a cruelty-free alternative, and to say it was easy would be a lie. It meant giving up a lot of tried and true products upon which I heavily relied, and tons of research into brands that are guaranteed cruelty-free. The only place where I got lucky was with my favourite lipstick, which I first acquainted with a couple years beforehand. I was overjoyed to discover that Marc Jacobs’ Beauty is, in fact, cruelty-free, and I was already 100% devoted to their lipstick!


I remember going to Sephora with a gift card from my birthday because I wanted to find a long-wearing matte lipstick. I am a huge fan of matte lips, but all the brands that I had tried up until them (NYX, M.A.C, and some other drug store brands) severely dried out my lips. And after 3 regimes of Accutane, during which my lips were sooo dry I couldn’t wear anything but intensive care chapstick, I found that matte colours did cause the top layer of skin on my lips to painfully dry and flake. When I explained this to one of the ladies at Sephora, she pointed me in the direction of this brand, and promised me that once I tried it I would never go back.

She was right. 100% right.

From left to right, these shades are: Blow, Boy Gorgeous, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, So Sofia, and Core Coral.

What makes the Marc Jacobs’ Lip Crème Lipsticks so special is that they are long lasting and matte without drying your lips. This is because the colour actually stains your lips with nearly the same amount of pigment as when you first put it on. After an 8-hour day of work, drinking coffee and having meals, even as the outer layer of the lipstick gradually diminishes, it will still look as though you are wearing lipstick. Best of all, your lips won’t feel dry and chapped, because the formula doesn’t excessively dry the outer layer of skin on your lips.

So if you’re someone who would prefer not to have to carry their lipstick on them all day long to reapply every few hours, or you’re like me and just tired of the way most long-wear matte lipsticks dry out your lips, you’ll want to try Marc Jacobs Lip Crème. It’s a little on the pricey side, retailing for $38.00 Canadian at Sephora, but if you grab the few shades that you know you’ll wear most often, you’re set for a loooong time. Since you won’t be reapplying so frequently, the product itself will last longer than other lipsticks, requiring you to purchase it less often.

My only complaint about the product (and it really isn’t so much of a complaint as it is an observation) is that it stains your lips SO well that taking it off at the end of the day is a little more complex. I find I have to use make-up remover and THEN an oil-based cleanser before the pigment fully lifts, and even then, I find I wake up some mornings with a slight hue to my lips. That said, if you are NOT a fan of lip colours that stain your lips, then this product probably isn’t for you (though I’ve yet to meet anyone opposed it).

WIN_20170422_15_33_35_Pro (2)
First thing in the morning
10 hours later, after eating and drinking

What’s YOUR tried and true holy grail of cruelty-free lipsticks? Let me know, I’d love to hear it! 🙂

NOTE: There is a bit of controversy over whether or not Marc Jacobs Beauty is actually cruelty-free. The long and short of it is, while Marc Jacobs Fragrances are NOT considered cruelty-free, Marc Jacobs Beauty does not affiliate with animal testing in any form. This is because Marc Jacobs Beauty and Marc Jacobs Fragrances are basically two separate companies under the same brand. So you could make the argument that the name itself still profits from animal testing, but the make-up products themselves were not crafted at the expense of animals in any way. Suzi at goes more in depth as to why she considers Marc Jacobs Beauty cruelty-free.


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